Drop Off Instructions

Online Shopping Open: March 11-14th (Portland)

May 13-16th (Salem)

Pick up items March 20-21st (PDX) May 22-23rd (Salem)!

 Drop off Instructions

*New as of 2020 – Consignors ONLY drop off sold items at the building!! We will mail all checks, 1-3 weeks after event.


1. HANG all clothing.

2. Arrange clothing alphabetically, and group same codes on tags together. 

3. Place your clothing on the rolling racks when you arrive.

4. Place all your other items under the clothing, or get one of our rolling carts for BIG items. 

5. Bring EVERYTHING into the building before you start the check in process.. a volunteer will greet you and help you through the EASY scan in process.

6. If you have LARGE HEAVY items, you will fill out at PINK tag at the PINK tag table, a volunteer will walk you through the simple process. 

NOW that our sale is ONLINE, you will be dropping off ONLY SOLD items! What this means is:

 You must guarentee the quality of your items by following all of our guidlines, or you will not be able to participate in another online BBDsale in the future. ALL SOLD ITEMS MUST BE DROPPED OFF!

 A clean and organized sale is really what we all want to shop. Remember what you bring in effects the reputaion of the sale. EVERYONE is impacted the shoppers won’t shop if it’s Expensive stained items. Keep your prices right inline with the consignment mommies brand/price guide.


So bring your best, always bring your BEST of EVERYTHING you bring to the sale!

Don’t forget you need to SIGN UP for a drop off time.. In your portal.

What Can/Can't I Sell?

Currently, we are accepting ALL items for sale. YES, anything that is in great condition! ANYTHING!! Especially the items listed below:

  • Clothing that pertains to the SEASON of the sale.
  • Children’s Clothing (infant thru size 16): including hats, socks, and other accessories.
  • Maternity & Nursing Clothes
  • Swimwear all year round! As well as footed PJ’s
  • Toys
  • Baby Equipment (must be thoroughly cleaned): high chairs, strollers, backpacks, gates, car seats, etc.
  • Baby Furniture: cribs,(must be manufactured after July 2011) toddler beds, dressers, bassinets, cradles, rocking chairs, changing table, etc.
  • Large & Small Outdoor Toys: slides, play houses, sand boxes, play structures, ride-on toys, wagons, etc.
  • Shoes (in Excellent Condition)
  • Baby Essentials: bottles, diapers, diaper wraps, wipe warmers, etc.
  • Feeding/Nursing supplies/pumps/bathing supplies
  • Books, Video’s, DVD’s & more
  • Home Goods
  • Basically, ANYTHING that has to do with a baby, kid, or pregnancy that is NOT recalled or distasteful!

We DO NOT accept:

  • Stained or torn clothing
  • Clothing older than 5 years.
  • Battery operated items without batteries (buyers must be assured the item works properly) if you bring a toy without batteries in it, it will be donated!
  • Shoes that show signs of wear or that are stained
  • Broken items or items with missing pieces
  • R-Rated VHS or DVD’s
  • Music CD’s with explicit lyrics
  • Stuffed Animals- Exceptions are Disney Characters & Build-a-Bear Animals
  • DROP sided cribs… due to safety concerns
  • Clothing or any items with any smell of smoke or animals


Wednesday, March 10th (PDX) Sunday, May 9th (Salem)

6:00pm - Last day to enter initial inventory!!

Thurs. - Sun. March 11-14th (PDX) May 13-16th (Salem)

Online Shopping: Open to the Public! 8pm!

Presale times:

1pm - Paid Presale

New moms/Foster parents/adoptive- 3pm

Heroes - 6pm

Thursday, March 11th (PDX) May 13th (Salem)

Helpers Shop Early -9am

Consignors Shop Early - 11am

Monday & Tuesday, March 15-16th (PDX) May 17-18th (Salem)

Consignor prepare sold items.

Wednesday & Thursday, March 17-18th (PDX) May 19-20th (Salem) 9am-8pm

Consignors drop off sold items here: 

2483 NW 185th Ave Hillsboro, OR 97124 (Portland Sale)

2927 Broadway St. NE, Suite 100 Salem, Oregon 97303 (Salem sale)

Saturday & Sunday, March 20-21st (PDX) May 22-23rd (Salem)

Shoppers pick up purchased items here: 

2927 Broadway St. NE, Suite 100 Salem, Oregon 97303

Portland Sale 2021 Spring Schedule 

March 11th - 14th 2021

Friday, March 12th - Online shopping open to the public.

Saturday, March 13th  - Shopping open to the public. 25% OFF! Selected Marked Items

Sunday, March 14th - Shopping open to the public. 50% OFF starts at noon!

March 20th & 21st - Shoppers pick up purchased items here:

Hillsboro, Oregon Building

2483 NW 185th Ave, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124

Want to shop early? 

Grab your Presale Pass before we open to the public!

Click here for a special HEROES (first responder, Military, nurse families) time to shop! Teachers click to shop!!! Click for special shopping time for New Moms and Foster parents! 


Salem Sale 2021 Spring Schedule  

May 13th - 16th 2021

Friday, May 14th - Online shopping open to the public.

Saturday, May 15th - Shopping open to the public. 25% OFF! Selected Marked Items

Sunday, May 16th - Shopping open to the public. 50% OFF starts at noon!

May 22nd & 23rd - Shoppers pick up purchased items here:

Salem, Oregon Building

2927 Broadway St. NE, Suite 100, Salem Oregon 97303

 Purchases Pick Up LOCATIONS:

Hillsboro, Oregon Building

2483 NW 185th Ave, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124

Salem, Oregon Building

2927 Broadway St. NE, Suite 100, Salem Oregon 97303

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