How To Price & Tag Your Items

Next Sale: October 4-7th 2017, Oregon State Fairgrounds

How To Determine Selling Price

PRICING IS PERSONAL – it all depends on what you want as a Consignor.

Would you rather make money or never see the items back in your home again?

Here are some guidelines I’ve come up with to help you out:

1.All items are priced in $0.50 increments and a minimum price of $1.00 per item.

2.Think about what you would be willing to pay for the item if you were in the buyer’s shoes. If you would pay a particular price, someone else probably would too! Ask yourself, “What would I pay for this?” Do some research on your product.

3.Check out Craigslist to see what the item is you want to sell is going for, then price accordingly!

4.Understand.. the Cleanest/GREAT condition items are what we want, take the TIME to make the most money you can off your items!!

5.Take 30% of the original retail price and work up or down from there. This gives you a thinking range. If it is an item that is highly desirable like Abercrombie, Polo, Gymboree, Baby Lulu, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. you can go up from the 30% of original value, considering the condition of the item. If it is an item that is still in good shape, but from Target, Wal-Mart, etc. you might need to stay around that price.

6. Do your homework before contacting me, as I would do what you need to do… research. Here is a great link on Consignment Mommies- Pricing Guide

Please contact me here if you need further assistance.

***New This Year! VIP Tagging***

Help For You Busy Mamas!

Are you slammed for time? We have help for YOU!!! There is an amazing tagging service NOW available!! SPACES are limited SO APPLY NOW!! Our VIP tagger is located in Portland and is willing to meet with you to exchange.

There is a 25% VIP TAGGING FEE, SO as a consignor you get 40%. This is what most consignment stores give to consign…

Items need to be CLEAN and freshly laundered. For all games, toys, and puzzles, YOU need to check to make sure all pieces are present and accounted for.

IF you are interested in getting some tagging help this year, please contact Kim at to see if there is still availability.

We are SO excited to help those of you that need a little extra GRACE this season!

Pricing & Tagging Your Items

Please watch the following video and then scroll down for instructions on printing tags.

Tag Guidelines

The tags need to be printed on WHITE CARDSTOCK and printed with BLACK INK ONLY!!! Since you are printing the barcode scan on the actual tag, (IN YOUR HOME) it is IMPERATIVE that you follow the instruction GUIDELINES, or you will be denied drop off of your items!

Baby's Bottom Dollar Sale Tag Guidelines

1. When printing your tags For PC users: You must use INTERNET EXPLORER)

2. For MAC users: DON’T USE FIREFOX..  Change the “Scaling” to 95 percent instead of 100.  Prints them perfectly on one sheet.

3. A laser printer is BEST!..IF YOU HAVE AN INKJET printer..set the printer on a lower ink setting, (draft) meaning not BOLD, 100%! Most standard settings are great. The lighter bar codes scanned perfectly! The heavy ink ones were much more difficult and had to be hand entered:(. Please help us as we are here to help you!! Print out one page of your tags and look at the barcode, is it really BOLD and fuzzy.. if so then choose another setting in the properties of your printer settings.

4. If you have been told your tags are not scanning.. everyone’s nightmare.. please know you will need to fix this for the next sale. You can call me with any questions at 503-849-3308.

5. All clothing must be on hangers, plastic hangers, with the hanger facing to the left as illustrated. The best place to get FREE hangers is Kohls, Old Navy, Kmart, Fred Meyer, etc..

6. Tagging gun/or/SAFETY PIN the corner of the tag into the garment’s left seam allowance. If its pants, see the placement of tag, in the picture above. NO STRAIGHT PINS!!!!

7. NOTE: If using a garment tagging gun…it is much faster than safety pins and works great for a large number of clothing items all at once. Be careful when using the tagging gun as it will leave a hole in the item. Tag into the garment’s seam, (NOTE TAG PLACEMENT ABOVE). I have tagging guns for purchase if you want one. I buy them locally they are $14.00 each and the barbs are .15cents for a rack of 50… please contact me.

8. Have these tags PLACED in the APPROPRIATE PLACE WE ASK YOU TO PLACE THEM AT OUR SALE!!. In other words, don’t hide the tag inside the clothes, we need to see it, to efficiently check people out!

9. When sizing your items, S, M, L, XL is only acceptable for MATERNITY. Children’s clothes should be sized with number sizes, i.e. 12 M, 2T, 5 etc. NOT S, M, L To reduce check in time. THIS MEANS YOU NEED TO KNOW THE ACTUAL # SIZE these XS SM MED LG XLG  children’s items represent!

10. Books, please cover the barcode on the book with your consignor tag. Our scanners pick up those bar codes.

11. Please try NOT to put items in plastic Ziploc bags, (UNLESS you ABSOLUTELY have too) They don’t sell, shoppers want to see everything, and check items over for quality.

12. Toys MUST be working and BATTERIES in all items that take one. You can either tape the tag on the toy or tie a ribbon on the top and attach the tag to the ribbon, making sure NOT to cover your barcode so we can scan it quickly.

13. Blankets, Slings, Carriers, Shopping Cart covers can all be hung on tube hangers as we hang these items.

14. Again you NEED to have your items sorted by size and gender (rubber band sizes together). REMEMBER YOU WILL HAVE TO STAY AND SORT SIZES AND GENDERS IF YOU FAILED TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE! THIS MEANS 3MO: IS NOT 3-6MO; 3-9MO; 0-3 MO! ALL SIZES NEED TO BE SEPARATED! THIS MAKES Our drop off process seamless! and if you put your items in the wrong size it most likely won’t sell because shoppers are looking for the sizes they need, not going through every size section.

15. Tag Size/Example: NOTE! The BLACK DOT is NOT to be a hole punch for you to attach this tag to your items. It means DONATE!! If you punch this dot, all your items may be DONATED!!!

16. The tag should be approximately but NO SMALLER THAN 3 1/4″ by 1 3/4″. 10 tags per sheet!

Sample Tag – CORRECT


September 25th-29th - Volunteer Contest & Giveaways

Monday, Sept 25th - $10.00 Dutch Brothers Gift Card

Tuesday, Sept 26th - $10.00 Starbucks Gift Card

Wednesday, Sept 27th - $10.00 Baby's Bottom Dollar Credit

Thursday, Sept 28h - $10.00 Baby's Bottom Dollar Credit

Friday, Sept 29th - $10.00 Consignor Fee Refund

Monday October 2nd

6:30-8PM: Consignor Drop off times

Tuesday October 3rd

10 AM to 3PM: Consignor Drop off times

12PM to : Vendors Set up

5PM to 8PM: Volunteer Special VIP Shopping

  • 5 PM – Volunteers working 6 shifts or more  start shopping
  • 5:15 PM – 5 shifts
  • 5:30 PM – 4 shifts
  • 5:45 PM – 3 shifts
  • 6 PM – 2 shifts
  • 6:15 PM – 1 shift

Wednesday October 4th

10 AM: Early Bird Shopping Pass for Consignors

11 AM: PreSale Pass Holders

12PM to 7PM: Open to the Public

Thursday October 5th

10AM to 7PM: Open to the public

5PM to 7PM: Consignors shop 25% off Items marked REDUCE only

Friday October 6th

10AM to 7PM: Open to the public, 25% off Items marked REDUCE only

5PM to 7PM: Consignors shop 50% off Items marked REDUCE only

Saturday October 7th

10AM to 7PM: Open to the public. 50% off Items marked REDUCE only

7PM to 9PM: Vendors clean up and pick up

Sunday October 8th

Clean Up/Sort

4PM to 5:30PM: Consignors pick up

“Best sale ever. Not only quality stuff at great prices but organized and staffed with amazing people! Thank you! This helps our family immensely!”

Jenn G.

Fall 2017 Schedule


09.25 to 09.29.2017 -Contest & Giveaways for Volunteers

10.3.2017 - VIP Shopping for Volunteers

10.4.2017 - 10AM to 12PM Early Bird Shopping for Consignors & Presale pass holders

10.4.2017 12PM-7PM Shopping open to the public

10.5.2017 10AM to 7PM Shopping open to the public;

5-7PM Consignors shop 25% off Items marked REDUCE only)

10.6.2017 10AM to 7PM Shopping open to the public - 25% off Items marked REDUCE only 

5-7PM Consignors shop 50% off Items marked REDUCE only)

10.7.2017 Shopping open to the public, 50% off (Items marked REDUCE only)




Oregon State Fairgrounds - Columbia Hall

October 4th-7th, 2017

2330 17th Street NE, Salem OR 97301